Sami Fahed
Full Stack Developer
Holsteinische Straße 41,
10717 Berlin,
P:  +4915168558192
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Looking for a challenging career opportunity, a friendly work environment that engages my excellent interpersonal skills and allows me to grow my experience and make positive contributions.
Work Experience
Diplomero Deutschland Gmbh
Backend Developer
December 2014 - Present
  • Applied JSON-API( format with Nodejs middleware.
  • Built user management layer(OAuth and permissions handling).
Ubanquity Systems, Ltd
Senior Software Developer
June 2013 - November 2014
  • Coordinated the implementation of back-end REST APIs.
  • Engineered queue workers with cron jobs.
  • Built encryption middleware.
  • Communicated with banks and led integration with several core banking systems(modern and legacy).
  • Operated the integration with national switches for bill payments/mobile payments.
  • Administered cloud environments, EC2/VPC on AWS or internal via vSphere on VMWare.
Ubanquity Systems, Ltd
Mobile Developer
May 2011 - June 2013
  • Led mobile development on iOS, Android, and Blackberry 7 platforms.(Etihad Mobile, Etihad Mobile, Etihad Mobile)
  • Enhanced the IOS experience with CoreData/Core Plot, android experience with sqlite3(sqlcipher).
  • Participated in Blackberry Jam Conference 2012 and Tizen developer Conference 2013.
Lebanese Parliament
Software Developer(contractor)
  • Met with parliament employees, gathered requirements and pioneered the creation of an automated transcription system.
  • Orchestrated the work done between several components(Sphinx for ASR, RabbitMQ queue server, python Django web server, and a mongoDB database).
Software Developer
2010 - 2011
  • Helped designing an automated ad detection and recognition system.
  • Implemented web scraping spiders using Scrapy.
  • Processed TV streams with machine learning applications, such as Moses (for machine translation) and Sphinx (for ASR).
BS in Computer Science
AUT, Halat, Lebanon
2007 - 2011
  • Dean's list with 3.79/4 GPA
  • Went for an exchange program with OU(Oklahoma University), took the Embedded Systems course(Project was a robot that plays soccer based on ATMEL microprocessors with I²C communications), Human Computer Interaction(IOS dev) and 2 other courses(GPA 3.875/4).
  • Software Engineering in Javascript/CoffeeScript(Node.js), python(Django, Flask), Objective-C, C/C#/C++, Java.
  • Database Engineering for MongoDB(Mongoose, Mongoengine), sqlite(Core Data/android native/python), PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Queueing messages through RabbitMQ, memcache, amazon SQS.
  • System Administration for Linux OS(Mainly Ubuntu).
  • Mobile Application Development for Android, iOS and BB7.
  • Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban.
  • Arabic - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • French - Fluent
  • Russian - Beginner
Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Travelling.
Available upon request.